Who We Are:

The Abdul Rahman Kanoo School PTA is comprised of 14 members, 7 of whom are elected parents. The other seven are faculty members (The school Principal and six school administrators and teachers representing various school levels ).

Objectives of the PTA:

 Promote closer relations between parents, students and ARKIS administration.

 Represent parents and support the school’s educational process.

 Co-operate with the school administration in all social, educational and cultural activities during and after school working hours.

 Promote closer relations between the school and other institutions in the country by sponsoring cultural, social, educational and sports activities.

Duties and Responsibilities:

 The PTA is accountable to the Executive Committee, provided that all communications are done through the school senior administration.
 The PTA sets its annual plan in line with the school’s programs, plans and policy and in coordination with the school administration. This plan is considered valid with the consent of the school administration.
 The PTA is entitled to make suggestions for the school administration and the Executive Committee in line with the interests of parents and teachers.

Contact PTA:

You can contact the ARKIS PTA via Digital Campus parent portal.

Sl Member Name Position
1 Dr. Faisal Hameed Al Mulla – Head of PTA
2 Mr. Adel Faisal Rajab – Deputy Head and Member of Health and Safety Committee
3 Ms. Maryam Abu Alfateh – Head of Educational Committee and Member of Media Committee
4 Dr. Raed Shams – Head of Communication Committee and Member of Health and Safety Committee
5 Ms. Nassrin Maarof Omar – Head of Media Committee, Member of Communication Committee
6 MR. Adnan Nasser Al Toblani – Head of Health and Safety Committee , Member of Media Committee
7 Ms. Lubna Abdul Aziz Al Ansari – Member of Educational Committee
8 Ms. Aysha Mohammed Janahi – Member of Communication Committee
9 Mr. Sameer Al Fetiani – Member of Educational Committee
10 Ms. Maha Kamal Al Terk – Member of Educational Committee
12 Mr. Mohin Qassim Kadhimi – Member of Educational Committee
13 Motaz Sami Al Ananza – Member of Health and Safety Committee
14 Moosa Omar Al Tarqi – Member of Media Committee, PTA Secretary

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