Business Economics | University Exeter | Graduating Year: 2020

Dana Aljanahi | 2016 Graduate

After a whole year in industry, it was
incredibly difficult to get back into university student mode at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, living in London was a completely different life compared to life in Exeter; it was bigger, busier and more diverse. This only
made my first semester harder to get accustomed to, it felt like starting from square one. The content was also noticeably harder, the lecturers harsher and the guidance weaker than previous years at the university. In terms of modules, I wanted to do something different than business so I chose one of my subjects to be Spanish. Over the coming months, I learned that I did not make a good decision. Learning a language was hard in itself, but learning a language alongside the final year of university is a whole other level of hard.

One thing I consistently did was bake and cook. I found my passion for baking around 2 years ago but I never really practiced it as much as this year. It was definitely an advantage to live in a flat of seven people with sweet teeth. As the semester approached, I noticed how sucked in I was with university work and how I did not do anything other than study and bake occasionally. This was not how I wanted to spend my last year at University, so I decided at the end of the semester to join the Exeter Cheerleading and Gymnastics Club to revive my passion for gymnastics, which I did a lot until I was 10. I vowed to constantly attend all the classes to incorporate at least two hours a week for non-academic activities. It has been an amazing experience and I have met many people and am almost mastering my front flips! I hope that the coming month that is filled with the most deadlines I have ever had will not take away my passion towards the sport.

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