Mathematics, University of St Andrews, UK | PGCE Secondary Maths | IOE, University College London | Graduated Year: 2017

Kawther Mustafa | 2013 Graduate | IGCSE and IB Math Teacher

There were many benefits to the scholarship. It lifted a big financial load, and hence provided me with the chance to attend St Andrews University, one of the top ones in the field of mathematics. Also, knowing that I was on a scholarship representing the school and the country gave me a great sense of responsibility to engage in positive experiences. Furthermore, the requirement to come back and teach in Kanoo provided me with a clear goal to work towards, and helped me maintain a close connection with the school throughout the 5 years abroad.

The opportunity to study abroad was not an option without the scholarship. Being able to go to one of the best universities in the UK provided me with an excellent education in the mathematics field. I was exposed to different learning opportunities and the ability to enhance my social skills as well. My leadership skills, communication skills, and perseverance was tested to a great extent during my time abroad. I was able to gain some new knowledge and also improve on my hobbies, like my piano skills.

I learnt to be resilient and adventurous from my university experience. These skills transferred positively into my role as a teacher. I can reflect on my education and experience to benefit my students academically and socially.

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