Economics & International Economics | University of Nottingham, UK | Graduating Year: 2023

Sahar Alwatani | 2019 Graduate

My journey at the University of Nottingham so far has been nothing short of exhilarating.

“Receiving the Abdul Rahman Kanoo Award Scholarship was, without a shadow of a doubt, the most unexpected yet rewarding experience within my high school years. Never did I think that I would behave the honor to be studying at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, representing not only my prestigious school but my beloved country as a whole.

The growth I’ve witnessed within myself throughout these past six months is astounding, as living independently for the first time has put me in some challenging situations, nonetheless making me stronger after every obstacle. I could not be happier with my course thus far, as studying Economics and International Economics has been so fulfilling, sparking my interest in every new topic we undertake. Some of the interesting topics we’ve tackled have been the obstacles preventing developing countries from rising to the high level of the US and Europe, the economic effects of Brexit, and the field of happiness economics, which attempts to quantify happiness and how different economic variables can affect it.

No words of gratitude could ever suffice, as it was surely the academically rigorous and socially stimulating environment that ARKIS provided me with that allowed me to achieve what I have so far in my academic career. The exemplary implementation of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program by administration and teaching staff alike opened a countless number of opportunities for us all, facilitating our seamless integration into academic and social circles wider than we have ever known. The school’s emphasis on extracurriculars and the inclusive, far-ranging selection of activities is also commendable and instilled the social skills needed for moving away from home and attending university in a completely unfamiliar environment.

Being able to engage in any of the hundreds of societies available at the University of Nottingham has enhanced my experience here greatly. The societies I am involved in are the Bahrain Society, Nottingham Economics and Finance Society, Lawyers Without Borders (Student Division) Society, and Fashion Society. The events hosted within these societies have allowed me to pursue my varied interests outside my course, and meet so many wonderful and like-minded individuals, making Nottingham a home away from home that I have the Abdul Rahman Kanoo Award Scholarship to thank for.”

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