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ARKIS Middle School students are challenged emotionally, socially and academically to enable them to survive in an exponentially changing technological world. The school prides itself on its academic success and care for individual students to work in a safe and nurturing environment that is conducive to learning. Students are creative, innovative and open to other cultures, while retaining their customs, traditions and religious beliefs.

ARKIS Educational Programmes

At ARKIS we aim to put our students at the centre of the curriculum. We make learning requirements and student assessment clear to help students engage with their subjects. This is achieved through our chosen Cambridge educational programmes from Kindergarten through Grade 10, followed by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or the AS High School Diploma in Grades 11 and 12. It is compulsory to teach Arabic Islamic Studies, Social Studies and Citizenship as these subjects are endorsed by the Ministry of Education. ARKIS has an established Arabic as a Second Language (ASL) department offering special programmes to students from Grade 1 who are non-native speakers.

Cambridge Educational Programmes:

ARKIS is a certified Cambridge International Examination (CIE) Centre where the Cambridge curricula programmes are taught. The Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Secondary 1 programmes provide a coherent educational programme of curriculum and assessment from Kindergarten to Grade 8 in English, Mathematics and Science. This is followed by Cambridge Secondary 2 i.e. the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in Grades 9 and 10.

English, Mathematics, Science and ICT

In Middle School ARKIS provides The Cambridge Secondary Programme in three core subjects (English, Mathematics and Science) in addition to ICT. At the end of grade 8, students sit for an external examination, Cambridge Checkpoint in English Mathematics and Science that serves as an indicator of students’ attainment for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in High School (Grades 9 and 10).

In other subjects the school curriculum is based on the British National Curriculum.


Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies

Arabic language syllabus is based on the objectives provided by Bahrain Ministry of Education. Islamic Studies, social studies and citizenship curricula are taught in Arabic and follow the Bahrain Ministry of Education syllabus. http://www.moe.gov.bh/EducationalContentSearch

  Enhanced and Enriched Curriculum

The school incorporates local culture in its curriculum and encourages the students to be internationally minded through giving them the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities like the celebration of all international days, English Fair, Humanities Fair, Science Fairs, Math day, After School activities, local and overseas trips… etc.

Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS):

At ARKIS we believe in developing students’ cognitive skills. The school implements a special programme named the UCMAS from KG2 to Gr.8. This programme is based on ancient Chinese concept and modern scientific research to stimulate and develop both hemispheres of the brain by using a simple educational tool called the abacus. Through the abacus, the following skills are developed from an early age:

• Listening • Student’s memory and builds self-confidence • Mathematical speed and calculation • Attentiveness and concentration • Self-reliance as the students use their “inborn calculator” and improve general overall performance of student.  


Girls: Ankle length beige (A-cut) skirt or loose trousers with beige shirt and beige loose long vests below the hips with the school logo; ARKIS tie. Girls’ headscarf should be black, beige or white only.

Boys: Beige trousers with beige collared shirt and beige vests with the school logo; ARKIS tie.


All students are strictly required to adhere to the following:-

  • No tight trousers.
  • Plain white socks, plain black shoes.
  • P.E. Uniform and Winter Cardigans
  • The school P.E uniform and winter cardigans are only available at The House of Uniform.

    Please note the following points relating to uniform and grooming.
    1. 1.Shirts can be short or long sleeves.
    2. 2.Shoes should be plain black, any other coloured is not allowed. With PE uniform any coloured sports shoes are allowed.
    3. 3.Jewellery is not permitted. Only one pair of small plain ear-studs for girls.
    4. 4.Make-up, nail polish and fancy hair clips are not allowed.
    5. 5.Winter school jackets are only available at the school and must be purchased by the students to ensure uniformity of dress code.
    6. 6.Hair that is shoulder length or longer should be tied back.
    7. 7.Students may not dye their hair with unnatural colour, or have their hair shaved into patterns.
    8. 8.Boys should be well groomed.
    9. 9.In winter, black coats may be worn over the black School sweater.
    10. 10.Girls’ can wear black, white, grey, and dark blue hijab with the P.E uniform.

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