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The CAS Charity Trips


  To develop the “whole” student through experiential learning provided by the range of activities, the new setting and the new roles        students are expected to play on these trips

  To engage students in activities that serve a real purpose with significant outcomes that benefit other people and provide a framework        for reflection and self evaluation

  Develop a spirit of open-mindedness, lifelong learning, discovery and self reliance* (IBDP: CAS booklet)

  To promote the concept of social and global responsibility through volunteerism and community service

  To assist the local community we visit through investing in learning by providing donations and by renovating classrooms and building        tables and chairs.

  To expose our students and the communities we visit to a different culture and create an awareness of the benefits of cultural        exchanges and integration in personal growth

  To challenge students to think outside the ‘box’ and to step outside their comfort zones by exposing them to a different society,        multiple languages and religions, diverse customs and traditions

  To strive to achieve a “carry-over effect” in that the students that accompany us on these trips use those learning experiences and        possible paradigm shifts in order to raise awareness in their home country as well as promoting volunteerism and community service        in their respective professions in the future

  To allow students to explore different methods of communication in the absence of a common language

  To allow students to work in a learning environment where they may witness the impact of their work first hand

  To build teamwork spirit

  To enhance students emotional and social intelligence through experiential learning

Tanzania: April, 2009

Twenty three students along with 5 supervisors, sponsored by over 30 national and international companies, visited the Olydonyostuk School in Arusha, Tanzania where they distributed 8000BD worth of food, stationary, books and school bags to over 700 Tanzanian Students. The group renovated 3 classrooms and built desks for those classrooms. All the funds were raised by the students themselves two months before the trip by organizing carnivals, awareness campaign fundraisers and other activities


Zanzibar: February 2010

Fifty-one students and 7 supervisors embarked on a CAS charity trip to Zanzibar. During the trip, the group carried out a three day renovation programmes at the Langoni school situated on the outskirts of Stonetown. Students painted walls, assisted in fixing and painting the ceilings as well as building desks. Students also attended classes and integrated with the local school children. On the last day, students distributed materials and donations such as clothes, food, toys and stationary. The trip also included sightseeing and visits to historical sights in Zanzibar, such as the slave auction and a number of islands. All students kept an updated, reflective diary of their experience and were required to identify their goals and learning outcomes from the trip.


Vietnam: December, 2010

The 3rd annual CAS trip was to Hanoi, Vietnam and it included 47 students and 7 supervisors who went on a 10 day trip and worked on the renovation of a special needs Friendship Village School. Students also distributed donations collected over a period of 2 weeks under the “Fill a Bag with Love” campaign which involved students, parents and staff members donating new clothes, toys and stationary. This resulted in over 50 boxes worth of donations that were then distributed amongst 5 schools around Vietnam (two in Hanoi and three in Sapa).


Kenya: February, 2011

Nairobi, Kenya: 40 students and 7 supervisors spent three CAS days at the Tala Boys School, on the outskirts of Nairobi. The school had 1200 students enrolled, where over 400 of those were boarders. Our students built desks for special needs children, teachers and students. They painted six classrooms and renovated the football, basketball and netball poles. They also distributed over fifty boxes of donations which contained toys, clothes and stationary. A monetary sum was given to all staff and teachers at the school as a sign of appreciation for their hard work. Mattresses were purchased for the students living in the dormitories of the school. Students attended classes, danced and interacted with students, as well as played a friendly football game against the boys of the local school.


At the end of the third day of the trip, students visited a local orphanage that housed over 100 students, where they witnessed a small dance show performance, interacted with the children, gave out boxes containing toys and clothes and handed a monetary gift to help in the upkeep of the orphanage.

On the fourth day, in cooperation with the Munazzammat Alda’wa Alislamiyya, students visited an MDJ (Mission of Kenya School) where they participated in a short orientation program on the institution and distributed a month’s supply of food to fifty families. The girls then visited a newly converted Islamic Girls’ school where they distributed clothes and the boys participated in the opening of a local mosque. That was followed by a recognition lunch with President Obama’s brother Mr. Abongo Malik Obama.

Ghana: February 2012

On the 5th annual CAS Charity Trip to the Republic of Ghana, 7 supervisors and 42 students participated in the renovation of a local school, built desks, distributed donations and experienced the richness of the Ghanaian culture. The visit also included a visit to a local orphanage, two schools, as well as a disability centre for children and adults where ARKIS staff and students interacted with the children, distributed toys, clothes and monetary donations. ARKIS students gave out over 64 boxes worth of donations collected through the annual “Fill a Bag with Love” campaign, 37,000 US dollars in monetary gifts as well as a substantial amount that went towards the renovation of a local school.


Comoros: Feb 2013

The sixth annual CAS trip was destined to the Islands of Comoros. On the first days of work, 32 students and 7 staff members went to renovate The Eslah School; cementing and painting the classrooms. Students also decided to do more renovations for the school at their personal expense on their last day, in loving memory of ARKIS Alumni Ziyad Ahmadi, who passed away while students were on the trip. Furthermore, the gifts that were bought through the fundraising in Bahrain were distributed to the 700 students of the school.


Donations were also distributed to the Uzbek School, where students of different age groups as well as local villagers, were given stationary and toys. The last school visit, organized by Munazamat Al D’awa, was to the Secondary Scientific Institution where, ARKIS students distributed bags of flour, rice, and bottles of oil to over 500 student and their families.

ARKIS students and staff also visited a Special Needs Centre where they gave a monetary gift and met with the centers lodgers. They later visited the largest orphanage centre on the island to distribute the donations they had collected from the “Fill in a bag with Love” campaign and to interact with the children and staff. The extra gifts were distributed randomly to villages, at stops, and on the bus rides.

The ARKIS team got national recognition for the charity trip, as they met with the Minister of Education and Health, and were honored with a dinner with the Head of their Parliament and were invited to the house of the President of the Comoros Islands.

Uganda: Feb 2014

On Friday the 7th of February, 33 students and 6 supervisors from Abdulrahman Kanoo International School embarked on the school’s seventh annual CAS charity trip, this time to Entebbe Uganda, where they spent 7 days working on a number of projects, distributing gifts and getting acquainted with the culture.

For the first two days the ARKIS family visited a local school which is a second home to over 700 Elementary and Secondary School children as well as a Preschool which holds 150 small children. The students built 60 tables and chairs, planted over 63 small trees to improve the environment surrounding the school and painted two classrooms. They also spent the morning interacting and playing with the students and getting to know the school history. There was a welcoming ceremony in both the school and the adjoining Pre-school where kids sang and welcomed the team. As part of the project, ARKIS students also provided a lunch for the school children on the two days that they were there. They served lunch and then enjoyed their own meals with the students and staff. This was followed by distribution of gifts collected through two months of fundraising done back in Bahrain through multiple activities like: the “Fill a Bag with Love Campaign”, “Making a Difference one Step at a Time” Walkathon, the Cultural Fashion-Show and other activities.

The next project was done in cooperation with Munazammat Aldaawaa Alislamiya where students packed and distributed rationing of rice, flour and sugar for 700 families of orphaned children. The team then had a small ceremony to set the foundation for two water-wells to be built in the name of the late founder of the school Mr. Abdulrahman Kanoo and one of the schools own students who had passed away the year before, Ziyad Ahmadi.

The final project was a visit to a local orphanage which housed disabled children where gifts were distributed and a monetary gift was given to assist in the renovation and up-keeping of the orphanage. ARKIS students interacted, sang and played with the children.

The Kingdom of Cambodia: Feb 2015

The Cambodia CAS Charity Trip which took place from February 6th -14th was made up of a team of 58 students from grades 10 to 12 and 8 staff members. During the trip the team went to Phom Penh and visited a school where they painted a vocational centre, renovated huts, planted 140 papaya trees and donated food and gifts to 100 children. The group also visited an orphanage in Siem Reap where they paid for the renovation of the centre’s roof, painting of the building, provided water pump motors and distributed gifts to the orphans.


They also visited a disability centre where they extended material and financial assistance to 60 people. The trip also included a monetary donation to “Operation Smile” a project that assists children with cleft lip as well as donations given to a number of other charities. The team also enjoyed visiting historical temples and ruins where they learnt about the local customs and traditions.

Making a difference…one school at a time….

“What the CAS trip has taught me was that the world is full of suffering, but it is also full of ways to overcome it and although what we did in Kenya may seem like a drop in the ocean, the ocean would certainly be the less because of that one missing drop.”
Abdulrahman Nayef



“Kenya was a once in a lifetime experience where all my emotions had a chance to be expressed. A lot of touching incidents happened. One of them was when we first arrived at the school, we asked one of the children what his name was and he seemed not to understand, but he finally said “tumtum”, what a wonderful name! We kept on calling him “tumtum” until we found out that “tumtum” means food. The poor child was hungry and we were calling him food. I could never put my experience there in words. “
Rawan Alhashimi


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