Our Pre-School is designed to meet the needs of young children in a bilingual environment. The curriculum provides developmentally appropriate activities and instruction for our young learners. Instruction focuses on developing the students’ emotional, social, physical, and cognitive skills, through many areas of the curriculum.

Pre-School offers the Letters and Sounds programme in Nursery, KG1 and KG2 classes. Letters and Sounds is a powerful phonics teaching tool, it ensures that young children are well-placed to read and spell words with fluency and confidence.

Pre-School also offers The International Primary Program (IPC) Early years and Cambridge Primary Programme in Nursery and Kindergarten level

Educational Stages:

Pre-School (Nursery – KG2):

ARKIS Preschool offers a strong bilingual academic curriculum that focuses on the development of students’ cognitive, emotional, social and physical skills.  Teachers believe that each child is unique and initiates the love of learning, self and others (and learns best through play and exploration of a variety of materials).  Students are exposed to real life experience through manipulative toys, arts and crafts, dressing up with friends; this is achieved through IPC planned units of work. Throughout the academic year, students participate in events that enhance and reflect their cultural and religious beliefs to instil their national identity and sense of belonging.

Educational Programmes

At ARKIS we aim to put our students at the centre of the curriculum.At ARKIS we are dedicated to providing a nurturing, secure and stimulating learning environment that will take students to new paths , deepen their skills and help them learn and grow . Our international programmes are accessible to learners of all abilities. We make learning requirements and student assessment clear to help students engage with their subjects. ( Our assessment programme deliberately involves students in relevant and authentic experiences)in This is achieved through our chosen Cambridge educational programmes from Kindergarten through Grade 10, followed by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or the AS High School Diploma in Grades 11 and 12. It is compulsory to teach Arabic Islamic Studies, Social Studies and Citizenship as these subjects are endorsed by the Ministry of Education. ARKIS has an established Arabic as a Second Language (ASL) department offering special programmes to students from Grade 1 who are non-native speakers.

Cambridge Educational Programmes:
ARKIS is a certified Cambridge International Examination (CIE) Centre where the Cambridge curricula programmes are taught.  The Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Secondary 1 programmes provide a coherent educational programme of curriculum and assessment from Kindergarten to Grade 8 in English, Mathematics and Science.  This is followed by Cambridge Secondary 2 i.e. the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in Grades 9 and 10 where students take more than eight IGCSE subjects.  These programmes are continually reviewed by the Cambridge board keeping in mind the developments in education, teaching and learning practices.

Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS):
At ARKIS we believe in developing students’ cognitive skills. The school implements a special programme named the UCMAS from KG2 to Gr.8. This programme is based on ancient Chinese concept and modern scientific research to stimulate and develop both hemispheres of the brain by using a simple educational tool called the abacus. Through the abacus, the following skills are developed from an early age:

• Listening

• Student’s memory and builds self-confidence

• Mathematical speed and calculation

• Attentiveness and concentration

• Self-reliance as the students use their “inborn calculator” and improve general overall performance of student.


Preschool students are continuously evaluated through observation while participating in various activities throughout the day.

Students at this age develop skills at different stages, therefore Portfolios are used as tools that allow us to identify what a child can actually do and the skills needed for further development. 

Student led Parent / Teacher Conferences are held at the end of the first and second terms in order for teachers to elaborate on the progress of students. and view Portfolios with student presentation. Progress reports are provided at the end of the 1st term and 2nd term. Report cards will be ( are ) given only at the end of school year.


Girls: Maroon and white striped pinafore with maroon leggings.
Boys: White checked shirt with Maroon shorts or trousers.


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