Students Council

Students’ Council is composed of the Co-President, Co-Vice President, Co-Treasurer and Co-Secretary.

At ARKIS, we talk a great deal about student self-governance, an overarching term used to describe the involvement of students in the workings of the school , and the extent to which Students’ Council is a completely student-run organization. Student self-governance is strongly related to the values and ideals of the school . students are afforded a large amount of autonomy and may use this opportunity to craft the kinds of experiences they wish to have, as well as to shape the future of ARKIS. Here at ARKIS, students of all years, all backgrounds, and all interests are given the responsibility, the resources, and the respect necessary for that to happen.

Student self-governance manifests itself in different ways. Students’ Council works with the school Guidance department members throughout the year, advocating for the interests and needs of students.. As stakeholders in the community, the voices, opinions, and ideas of students are present on almost every committee at ARKIS..

Students’ Council also controls the funding for student organizations and clubs.


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