What is UCMAS?

Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS) is a whole brain development program based on confluence of an ancient Chinese concept and modern scientific research that develops speed and accuracy by using a very simple tool called the “Abacus!”.

This modern representation of the ancient art of mental mathematics is a unique and scientifically proven concept that is gaining popularity worldwide as a powerful learning tool in helping millions of children to develop their intellect from an early stage and overcome their fear of mathematics. Armed with enhanced memory, concentration, comprehension, attention, creativity and self-confidence, UCMAS students are more able to overcome esam-related tensions and excel in all subjects.

UCMAS system has been growing steadily since the establishment of its Head Office in Malaysia in 1993 and has aleady achieved enormous international success in developing an overall excellence in the academic lives of millions of children throught Asia, the Gulf, U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Egypt, carrying ISO 9001:2000 accreditation.

The Goals & Objectives

Intelligence is the most valuable human asset. The UCMAS system is a powerful learning tool, which provides enriched training programs to explore, develop and maximize children’s intelligence from an early stage and with consistent application the following skills can be successfully accelerated:
Develops listening skills
Better understanding and mental grasping power.
Increases attentiveness and concentration.
General overall performance of children.
Enhances children’s memory.
Develops listening skills
Develops children’s imagination skills.
Build self-confidence.
Encourages children to become self-reliant and to use their brains, their “inborn calculator”.
Excels in all subjects.


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