Architectural Engineering| University of Nottingham | Graduating Year: 2022

Zain Almoayed | 2018 Graduate

“Living abroad for the past year and a half has taught me many things, first and foremost is that I’m very grateful for this opportunity and to cherish every moment. The transition from high school to university wasn’t easy but it was definitely a beautiful change. I chose to study Architectural Environmental Engineering at the University of Nottingham because this major was unique and wasn’t available everywhere.

It was the right fit for me and it encompasses everything I was interested in learning. I did intensive university research before picking the course and the city of Nottingham, I remember the process being very nerve wracking and there was so much pressure to make the best decision. I had to take foundation year to study this course. I remember feeling bad about taking this year because I got my full IB diploma and I could’ve skipped a year had I picked another major, but engineering required foundation and I was sure I wanted to study this course. Looking back at that year of my life I wouldn’t have changed a thing, I made friends for life, I had a year to settle into the place and of course the knowledge I learned in that year was worth it and made year one much easier for me.

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