Master in Public International Law, Leiden University, The Netherlands | B.S. in Global Law, Tilburg University, The Netherlands | Graduated year: 2019

Aalya Alkooheji | 2015 Graduate

The AKA scholarship is one of the most privileged ways to getting a scholarship. An alumni of 2015 who has graduated with and attended Public International Law at Leiden University, the Netherlands and Global Law at Tilburg University through the AKA scholarship, Aalya Ali Alkooheji, has achieved many things. She quotes: ‘Being granted the AKA scholarship was an eye- opening and supportive boost to my academic career. It helped me work towards my goals of becoming an international lawyer and pursuing my passion.

After being exposed to many legal areas that international law has to offer, my interest narrowed down to International Humanitarian Law and the intersection of law and technology, which includes cyber- warfare. In this day and age the use of technology in every aspect of our lives cannot be curtailed.Therefore, it is best to understand the under working of these technologies and legal ramifications before they arise. I am grateful for the opportunity and to the doors it has opened to me.’She has out shined and not stopped at her bachelors, she has moved further on and pursued her masters at what she is passionate at. She has used the scholarship to her fullest advantage taken not one, but two courses. The alumni are guides that can be used to direct you and show you that you too can achieve something simply great.

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