Arts & Technology | Texas University | Graduated year: 2018

Rawan Al Hosani | 2014

The classes I took this semester was very difficult , however I managed my time and was able to do my best. The classes I took were: Photography: new media, Modeling and texturing II, Animation Studio and Guitar I.

In the photography: new media class, we explored the basic of photography, the camera and modern photographers. The class was interesting and informative as I learnt how to professionally use a DSLR camera, print photographs and used lamp lights.

It allowed me to explore and create different artwork using electronics. I have created a collage using everyday objects for an assignment and was recognized by the professor. My artwork was shown in the fall 2016 student art exhibition. I have earned an ‘A’ in this class.

After submitting my portfolio for evaluation, I was invited to take a higher level class called modeling and texturing II. It explored more complex modeling techniques and texturing properties. The class was truly challenging because of the large learning curve. It took at least 35 hours to complete each weekly assignment.

But I have truly learnt a lot and I am proud of the work produced from these classes. With hard work and dedication, I scored an ‘A’ in this class.

I was able to join the Animation Studio class after a portfolio evaluation, I was selected to be one of the ten modelers and the texture artists in the class. The class required me to interact and be a good team player, I showed me the importance of communicating and performing your job in a way to accommodate the next person in the pipeline. The short movie we are working on is half done, the other half will be done next semester. I earned an ‘A’ in this class.

For my free elective class, I chose to take Guitar I. I am familiar with reading music and can adequately play the guitar. This classes help me fix small mistakes in my technique that I didn’t notice, as well as learn to play with a group people and to listen to others. Because I am an experience guitarist, my professor pushed my knowledge with more difficult material and advance guitar playing techniques. At the end of the semester, me and my class played in a guitar recital. I scored an ‘A+’ in this class. 

Spring 2016

For the next semester, I signed up for 4 classes, Figure Sculpture, Lighting and composition I, Animation Studio II, The Literature of Fantasy. As well as, a group of girls and I are working to create a student independent short called ‘Reverie’.

I took part in fall 2017 guitar recital with my class. We had five pieces of music that we practiced and preformed. I have never played my guitar in front of a live audience. We were broken down to 3 groups, and in each piece of music we either carry the melody, harmony or bass. I lead my group in each song be- cause I was experience and played the loudest. I was nervous because I knew if I played one note badly, it will be heard. It helped to know that everybody was equally nervous and all we can do is our best.

The performance was a success, I did make some mistakes and didn’t play one whole song. What is important was that we had fun playing together.

I was chosen to exhibit my collage of Salvador Dali in the fall student Exhibition. The Exhibition showcase the best artwork produced by students in the fall 2016 semester. It was great to be recognized. I was inspired to create 2 more artworks of the same nature, and I submitted them to 43 Bahrain Annual modern Art Exhibition. My artwork was chosen and is displayed in Bahrain’s National Theatre.

I didn’t win but I got many excellent recognition, despite the fact they used my old family name. It had a perfect spot in the exhibition and the minister of culture choose to be interviewed with my artwork in the background. I am proud of this achievement in my home country.


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